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  • Michigan plans to overhaul its jail system
    WHEN CRIME rates were last as low as they are today in Michigan, the Beatles topped the charts with “Hey Jude”. Half a century on, Michigan’s police arrest fewer people with each passing year. In the decade to 2018 arrests fell by one-fifth. One might expect, in turn, the state’s jails to be eerily empty. […]
  • Shrinking states offer perks for new residents
    IT STARTED AS a joke. Beth Dow received an article from her husband about Vermont paying workers to move to the state. But the jest soon became reality. Within a few months, Mrs Dow and her husband had left their home in Denver for Bennington, a town of 15,000 in southern Vermont, and were paid […]
  • A proposed sale of rights to .org web addresses sparks a backlash
    THE OFFER would confound anyone who has ever used a web browser. A corner of the internet associated with charities attracted an investor willing to take it over by paying a sum typically reserved for stakes in hot startups. But a private-equity firm’s bid for control of the .org domain used by millions of non-profit […]
  • Could it be Bernie?
    AFTER RATTLING through one of the most radical campaign platforms in American history, inside a craft brewery in snowy New Hampshire last weekend, Bernie Sanders turned to the practicalities. His to-do list, the senator from Vermont acknowledged to his crowd of well-wrapped New Englanders, was ambitious. His promised health-care, education and infrastructure programmes would in […]
  • Business has gone sour in America’s dairy capital
    TO WALK AROUND Dan Wegmueller’s farm in southern Wisconsin is to conjure up the past. He says each of his 50 Brown Swiss cows—with white-tipped ears and bells clanging from their necks—has a name and distinct personality. His red-painted barn is crowned by an elegantly arched roof. He trundles over the snow on a green […]

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