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  • Fears that America is experiencing a serious crime wave are overblown
    THE DEATH of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer on May 25th has sparked large anti-racist protests in cities across America. “Defund the police”, a call to reallocate some of the money spent on law enforcement to other services, is becoming a mainstream slogan on the left. President Donald Trump claims […]
  • Posthumous albums by young rappers are topping the charts
    BY NOW HIP-HOP fans are all too familiar with the success that can come after an artist’s untimely death. Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., two American rappers who were murdered in 1996 and 1997 respectively, have sold more music in death than in life. Other well-known rappers to notch up hits after their deaths include […]
  • Mid-century modern
    THE GIANT movie screen at Bengies was illuminated by a thrilling golden sunset when the cinema’s owner and compere, D. Edward Vogel, began reciting the house rules one recent Friday evening. It was dark before he had finished. Bengies, a drive-in outside Baltimore, does not allow alcohol, profanity, car-horns or headlights—which seemed reasonable. It also […]
  • Big Tech’s grilling provides more show than substance
    “SO CAN WE all agree that this #antitrusthearing has...nothing to do with antitrust?” The tweet, sent midway through the five-hour congressional grilling on July 29th of the bosses of Alphabet (Google’s parent), Amazon, Apple and Facebook, was only a slight exaggeration. The much-hyped, mostly virtual event will not do a lot to move forward the […]
  • Would a Biden administration be softer than Trump on China?
    IN DECEMBER 2018 China hawks in the Trump administration pushed a series of punitive measures in what some referred to internally, according to a new book by Bob Davis and Lingling Wei, as “Fuck China Week”. That was as nothing compared with what happened in the month of July 2020. In recent weeks America has imposed […]

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