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  • America’s homicide rate has declined since the 1990s. So have homicide-clearance rates
    “I TRY TO keep them close,” says Maria Miller (pictured), holding out her wrist to display a bracelet composed of tiny framed pictures linked by a gold chain. They show her oldest and youngest brothers, Larry Miller and Harrol Berry, and her son Courtney Williams. All were murdered in 2014. Mr Miller was stabbed while […]
  • Black Americans spend more of the day being kept waiting
    TIME SHOULD be a great leveller. Jeff Bezos or Amazon warehouse clerk, everyone gets 24 hours a day. But worse-off Americans have more of their time wasted just waiting around. Poorer people have to wait longer for basic services. Low-income neighbourhoods often have fewer shops and medical centres, with fewer staff on hand and crowds […]
  • In praise of America’s founding fish
    SINCE MARCH 12th, when the first hickory shad of the year succumbed to a sparkly lure, anglers of both sexes, several races and all sizes have been lining the bank of the Potomac in Washington, DC, like salmon-hungry bears. When early-bird attorney anglers leave for the office their spots are taken by mask-wearing housewives from […]
  • Joe Biden’s government has not yet committed to a path on trade in technology with China
    THE PROCESS of filling vacancies at the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) does not normally make the news. An agency of the Department of Commerce, BIS is tasked with running America’s export-control regulations. These rules were originally designed to prevent the components of weapons of mass destruction from being shipped off to terrorists. The […]
  • American home-ownership rises
    DURING THE PANDEMIC America’s housing market has behaved oddly. Prices have increased rapidly, even as the economy fell off a cliff, defying predictions. In contrast with the last recession, few people have defaulted on their mortgages. A less-noticed trend is that the home-ownership rate has jumped (see chart). Part of the apparent increase, especially the […]

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