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  • What next for the bankrupt NRA?
    AMERICA’S GUN lobby, the National Rifle Association (NRA), which enjoys non-profit status, is besieged by allegations of lavish spending and extravagance by its leadership, including its boss, Wayne LaPierre. According to a lawsuit filed last August by New York’s attorney-general, Letitia James, the NRA diverted millions of dollars in donor funds for executives’ personal use, […]
  • America’s vaccination roll-out will improve with practice
    ONLY EIGHT medical centres in the entire state of New York have managed to administer all the covid-19 vaccines they received. Cayuga Medical Centre, in upstate New York, is one such facility. It has used 100% of its vaccines—7,700 so far, about 700 each operational day—whereas the rest of the state has managed to administer […]
  • Use of the death penalty in America may be ending
    IT WAS A Trump bump that was years in the making. Since July, after a 17-year hiatus, 13 prisoners on federal death row have been put to death. Dustin Higgs, who was convicted for his part in the murder of three women in 1996, could turn out to be the last for a long time, […]
  • Back to the future
    NOT SINCE George H. W. Bush in 1989 has America inaugurated a president so well-known in world affairs as Joe Biden. A former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, then vice-president for eight years, he has had a role in, or a say on, most foreign policy since the cold war. His chosen foreign-policy […]
  • Republican state lawmakers aim to change Pennsylvania’s constitution
    ORDINARILY THE swearing-in of elected lawmakers in Pennsylvania’s state House is a formality. Pictures are taken. There is lots of smiling and shaking of hands. This year was different. A brawl nearly erupted when Jake Corman, the Republican president pro tempore of the state Senate, refused to swear in Jim Brewster, a Democrat who had […]

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