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  • Hope turned out black voters for Barack Obama
    IT WAS INTERESTING to recall, while Lexington was observing some canvassing of black North Carolinians last week, that only three months previously America had been convulsed by the biggest racial-justice protests since the 1960s. On the doorsteps of poor black neighbourhoods in Greenville and the countryside east of the city, nobody raised them. Nor did […]
  • China now has the world’s largest fleet, alarming its Pacific rival
    A SLEEK GREY trimaran that cuts through the water at 27 knots, the Sea Hunter is capable of sailing from San Diego to Tokyo, and back again, on a single tank of diesel—all by itself. The ship is an “autonomous unmanned surface vehicle”—a fancy name for a sailing drone—operated by America’s navy. The air conditioning […]
  • Democrats are doing less badly among rural voters
    TWO MEN chuckle while hammering metal posts beside a road in Cresco, a sleepy town in northern Iowa. These will support the 70th Trump-Pence door-sized “barn sign” they have put up in Howard County in past weeks. Already they have erected ten times more signs and flags than four years ago, says Neil Shaffer, Republican […]
  • What does Amy Coney Barrett think?
    SPEAKING ON FOX NEWS, Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, conveyed the state of the battle to fill the Supreme Court seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “We’ve got the votes to confirm Justice Ginsburg’s replacement before the election,” he said. “That’s what’s coming.” Mr Graham had promised in 2016 to await […]
  • The knife fight over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement
    THE PARTIES to a civil war almost never agree on why it began—and the parties to America’s decades-old fight for control of the Supreme Court are no different. For Republicans, the cause of the conflict is a Democratic Party that has tried to block conservative justices, starting with Robert Bork’s failed nomination in 1987, by […]

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