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  • Democrats clamour again for rent control
    AMERICAN CITIES took up rent control in a moment of crisis during the second world war, when workers migrated en masse to factories just as the building of new housing was sharply restricted to conserve materials. In response the federal government froze prices on 80% of the country’s rental stock. Today America’s thriving cities face […]
  • Mark Sanford is back on the trail
    NOWHERE IN AMERICA is more synonymous with rebellion than Charleston harbour, where Mark Sanford launched his tilt at President Donald Trump this week. Glinting in the sun behind the veteran Republican—a two-term governor of South Carolina and five-term congressman—was Fort Sumter, target of the Confederacy’s first shots. Farther off, a blur on the horizon, was […]
  • Rudy Giuliani’s Ukrainian adventure
    Editor’s note (September 20th 2019): American newspapers have reported that a whistleblower in America’s intelligence services has complained about an unspecified commitment made by President Donald Trump in a telephone call with a foreign leader, among other actions. At least part of the complaint, they say, concerns Ukraine. This article, from this week’s print edition, […]
  • Will the Democrats’ green schemes make any difference?
    EARLIER THIS month dozens of teenagers gathered in a New York City park to paint. They were preparing for the Climate Strike they would attend on September 20th, one of the rallies to be held in more than 150 countries around the world. The students made cardboard waves, to signify rising sea levels, and emblazoned […]
  • Donald Trump replaces John Bolton with a hostage negotiator
    TWO MONTHS before the 2016 election Robert O’Brien, a lawyer from Los Angeles, opined on Russian interference to a radio talk-show host. “It’s clear that Vladimir Putin just doesn’t like [Hillary Clinton], and is going to do what he can to help Donald Trump.” After the election Mr O’Brien—who had advised Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and […]

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