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  • Why Donald Trump’s high approval ratings may be misleading
    ON ANY GIVEN day since he took office, Donald Trump has had a lower job-approval rating than almost every other modern president at the same point in their tenure. But over the past two weeks the polls have finally been giving Mr Trump some good news. According to an average of public polling data calculated […]
  • Joe Biden’s rivals scramble to capitalise on his woes in South Carolina
    JILL BIDEN was in her element. A lifelong teacher, even during her two terms as Second Lady, she headlined an “Educators for Biden” event in a modest Baptist church in North Charleston. The smartly dressed, mostly African-American crowd was on the older side (it was mid-afternoon on a weekday), as is Joe Biden’s support generally. […]
  • Michael Bloomberg gives an unconvincing performance in Nevada’s Democratic debate
    IN ONE SENSE, political debates are evanescent. Six candidates squared off in Las Vegas on February 19th—the ninth such debate—ahead of the Nevada caucuses on February 22nd. They will spar again on February 25th, ahead of the primaries in South Carolina and the delegate-rich Super Tuesday primaries. But some debates matter more than others, and […]
  • Anger in a time of autism
    AS A BOY, Peter Hotez was drawn to roadside puddles and stagnant ponds in Connecticut. After squeezing sample water droplets on glass slides, he spent hours with his eye glued to a microscope. Another world would emerge as protozoa and rotifers wiggled into focus. He dreamed of more exotic micro-organisms, of finding one new to […]
  • Companies can now get away with killing America’s birds
    ONE AFTERNOON in 1896, a Bostonian socialite called Harriet Lawrence Hemenway read an article about the devastation of a colony of nesting birds by plume-hunters. Disgust at their grisly trade, which was eradicating millions of birds a year to meet Americans’ demand for feathery swank, surged in her like a ball of regurgitated feathers and […]

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