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  • Proposals to tax pieds-à-terre in New York are gaining ground
    NUMBER 220 Central Park South is one of New York City’s swankier addresses. Its amenities include a golf simulation room and a saltwater swimming pool. In January Ken Griffin, the founder of Citadel, a hedge fund, bought a penthouse in the building for $238m, setting a record for the priciest home in America. Mr Griffin, […]
  • Mar-a-Lago, massage parlours and selling access to the president
    EVER SINCE diners at Mar-a-Lago snapped pictures of President Donald Trump plotting America’s response to a North Korean missile test with his Japanese counterpart, there have been national-security concerns about the president’s “Winter White House”. Yet reports about a Mar-a-Lago frequenter called Li Yang, who also goes by Cindy Yang, suggest they underestimated the risks […]
  • Why more undocumented migrants are reaching America
    DONALD TRUMP promised to resort to untested measures to keep Mexican migrants from crossing America’s southern border. The promise contained at least two nagging flaws. The first is an outdated view. Migration of Mexicans is down by 90% from its peak in 2000; now most border-hoppers come from the “Northern Triangle” of Guatemala, Honduras and […]
  • Tech giants face new threats from the government and regulators
    ANNIVERSARIES ARE often happy occasions, but not this one. March 17th will mark a year since the New York Times and the Observer published exposés about how Facebook enabled the personal data of tens of millions of Facebook-users to leak to an outside political firm, Cambridge Analytica. The resulting scandal has plagued the social-networking firm […]
  • The benefits of America’s hot economy have been unevenly spread
    “OUR ECONOMY’S on fire,” says Tamara Atkinson, head of Austin’s workforce development board. Workers there are being fought over with signing bonuses, paid internships and help with tuition fees. Ms Atkinson sees formerly incarcerated workers being given second chances, with employers asking how severe their crime really was. She even worries that wages for flipping […]

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